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The first one is LOVE MATTERS, a Chinese movie with Jack Neo as director. It has a combined casts of Singapore and Malaysia. Love Matters was released in FEB 2009 in Malaysia.

As for the second movie, it is titled AKU TAK BODOH, a Malay film that was shot entirely in KL with Riezman Khuzaimi, Amy Mastura, Adibah Nor, Namron, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan from Malaysia and Suhaimi Yusof from Singapore being the main casts. It was released theatrically in NOV 2010.

Brando has also directed CHOW KIT (produced by Prime Works, April 2012), which B & L Kreatif was involved in the offline editing of the project. To date, B & L Kreatif Sdn Bhd has produced movies like KISAH PALING GENGSTER (November 2013), HAVE YOU EVER LOVED ME (Cambodia, November 2012) and WIRAWAH. All these titles were directed by Brando Lee.

Brando Lee started working on the story to the action installment, KISAH PALING GENGSTER with a clear purpose in mind, to produce a very solid and story driven script that is different from any other local productions. Working very closely with the scriptwriter, they spent about 4 months to develop the script. Drawing inspiration from action movies from Korea (Old Boy being one of his favourites) and Hollywood, Brando believes a great film must begin with a solid and well-developed script.

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