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HAVE YOU EVER LOVED ME, is a love suspense drama movie that centers around 3 main characters. The first, Sovath, a very successful surgeon in his mid 30’s and the second, Sreyneang, the surgeon’s nurse, a charming, intellectual woman in hospital and Sakana, a caring and attentive young woman. The movie was filmed entirely on location in Phnom Penh and rural Cambodia in 2012. It was screened at cinemas nationwide in Cambodia and had created a positive impact on Cambodia.

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WIRA WAH is a story about Mr. Siao, a passionate Mandarin subject teacher who is assigned to a Chinese Primary School in a rural area and the incidents he encounters. He is sad and worry when being informed that the school will be closed down due to declining enrollments. In order to save the school, Mr. Siao tries very hard to persuade the local non-Chinese and Chinese parents to let their children enroll in that school. Meanwhile, the greedy headmaster plans to jeopardize Mr. Siao's plan so he can sell the school land to an unethical developer with cheaper than market price to earn commission for himself. Can Mr. Siao work against all odds and save the school from being shut down? Mr. Siao, the main character, is played by local singer, Auguste Kwan and Lee Lik Chi (Hong Kong-based director and screenwriter) took up the role of movie consulting director.

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